IT Risk Management

Helping ensure your organization’s technology strategies align with your mission and goals requires specialized knowledge- especially around risk management and regulatory compliance knowledge. As organizations adopt innovative technologies, effective IT governance and risk management are vital to maintaining uninterrupted operations and maintaining data sensitivity. Increased reliance upon new technologies (such as cloud apps, big data and newer software development standards) has introduced new risks- and raised the bar for compliance obligations for federal agencies as well as business.

For over two decades, Dogwood’s IT Risk Management Services have provided integrated risk management solutions that help you to move forward with confidence, achieving regulatory standards for governance, risk and compliance. We help you to:

  • Ensure that your policies, processes, systems and applications align with security and privacy requirements
  • Identify risks to your operations, systems, applications and processes
  • Identify supply chain risks and potential supply chain risks
  • Identify information chain risks and potential information chain risks
  • Develop mitigation strategies to protect each data set and its associated business function
  • Understand your framework requirements (to include the RMF and the drivers behind it)
  • Prioritize your assets– are you protecting the right things using the correct priorities?
  • Use the proper compliance strategies for specific data sets
  • Develop strategic plans for better fulfillment of regulatory controls and processes
  • Understand emerging regulatory standards and best practices- “Where is this going- and why?”
  • Easily identify gaps, anticipated gaps and deficiencies in your organization’s full compliance

Our team has deep experience in federal and international standards of risk compliance, and we have been recognized for excellence in helping agencies as well as commercial clients (banking, healthcare, insurance primarily) to identify and achieve compliance with emerging technology risk management standards.