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Dogwood Founder and Senior Partner Ross Statham discusses some of the parallels that he’s observed between flight planning as an amateur pilot, and successful federal technology projects. (Length 3:34)

The shooting range- and government contracting? Founder and Senior Partner Ross Statham discusses lessons learned from his father about not wasting ammunition- with applications to federal contracting. (Length 2:33)

Wonder how Dogwood selects their business partners? In this brief video, Senior Partner Ross Statham discusses what Dogwood looks for in a teaming partner and generally how the process works for the benefit of our clients– federal agencies. (Length 2:25)

Over the past 20+ years, Dogwood decided early on to not merely “check the boxes” but to go out of their way to place exceptional people on each project. Senior Partner Ross Statham shares a story about a member of the team from the early days of Dogwood. (Length 3:17)

Dogwood founder Ross Statham speaks of some of the ideas behind Dogwood’s ability to find– and especially to retain– specialized technical talent on Federal projects. Includes a brief story about a question in this regarding during “orals.” (Length 3:26)