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Our company's success is directly related to the quality professionals we have been fortunate enough to recruit, hire and retain to perform to the standards set forth by leadership within our commercial clients and the federal government. For this reason, we seek only those candidates with the highest moral and ethical standards for the job opening obligations we have been entrusted with. All others need not apply.
Dogwood Management Partners, a Florida based Serviced Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) has been consulting on Cyber Security and related IT services for commercial clients and federal agencies since 2001. The depth of our candidate network allows us the privilege to work with select clients and under highly regulated and scrutinized government contracts.
Should you have a government security clearance or simply experience working under federal government contracts, chances are we’d like to talk to you and add you to our network so that we can reach out to you when an opportunity arises that may be a match for your experience and career interests. Please scroll down this page to review our “Current Openings”.
Within the last few years, we've added several additional commercial industries to our recruiting and subcontract service offerings.
Each industry is staffed by seasoned professionals in those fields whose goals are simple - satisfy position experience, certification and education requirements of our clients with only qualified professionals, while also meeting the career and life balance interests of the industry professionals we're in contact with.

Should you be looking for job openings within industries outside of the government space, please visit our other company, Dogwood Services for more details – dogwoodservices.com

All applications will be held in confidence.

Dogwood Management Partners is an equal opportunity employer. Minorities, Veterans, Service Disabled Veterans, and those with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Job Openings

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Please read in detail the security clearance requirements of each position. If you do not meet those requirements, we will not be able to consider you for the role.