The Dogwood Logistics team is well-versed in virtually all areas of logistics. Our Managing Director (Paul Maynard) has over 30 years of experience in US Air Force logistics (where his responsibilities were strategic and international in scope), and with his leadership our team can deliver exceptional logistics results for you, anytime, anywhere. With our low overhead, exceptionally talented workforce and key strategic partnerships in this space, Dogwood brings incomparable cost advantage and value to our clients.

Our strategic partners include Valley Express (Mapleton, ND), an international transportation and logistics company who operates under a grant of a forty-eight state contract and general commodities authority.  Our partnership has the capacity to handle temperature controlled, dry shipments, specialized, intermodal, hopper bottom, and flatbed traffic. Valley has a fleet of over 260 units and they continue to expand a network of pre-approved carriers, assuring their shippers a controlled and secure shipping environment.

Click here to read the September 11, 2020 Dogwood-Valley Express joint Press Release

With the application of the latest technology in business solutions, Dogwood and Valley continue to expand their ability to facilitate all aspects of transportation coordination world-wide.

Our logistics services include:

  • Multi-modal Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Air, Land and Sea - Passenger and Cargo Movement
  • IATA/Hazmat & Explosives
  • Military Deployment Prep/Joint Inspections
  • Air Terminal and Ground Handling Services
  • SOF Operations & Logistics
  • Transient Alert Services
  • C2 Operations
  • Foreign Clearance Guide expertise

These are just a few of our logistics capabilities. If you don’t see your logistics needs listed above or are interested in learning more, please contact Paul Maynard at pmaynard@dogwood.net