Time and Talent

Software Process Improvements

Software risks are everywhere.  But software and software projects can be successfully managed.  Dogwood engineers work with suites of cutting-edge technology tools and services to help enhance your software development and implementation lifecycle and to identify and mitigate software risk.

Our clients have seen dramatic improvements in their software projects-- from federal agencies to corporate development teams, we provide a unique combination of process improvement and stronger technology decision making for government, business and technology leaders.

Leadership & Experience

We apply seasoned and successful project veterans on our engagements that use standards such as CMM Level 3, CMM Level 4, ISO 12207 & Agile.  Using industry-proven technologies and expert personnel, we help tackle the thorniest software issues and bring them back under control.

We provide a complete set of software quality assurance (SQA) and testing services to ensure that your team will deploy and implement optimized, low-risk software. 


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