Dogwood Management Partners, LLC



Yorktown Heights, NY

   Dogwood Management Partners, an SDVOSB, is seeking an ASIC Digital Clock Designer with extensive experience as an Electrical or Computer Engineer, for a key opening we have located in Yorktown Heights, NY. This is a part-time position with an anticipated number of hours per week of 20+ hours. To be considered for work, a candidate must be a U.S. citizen. No third parties please.

   The selected candidate will be a growth minded mission engineer. This engineer will assist in the top-level and block-level design of clock distribution trees for a non-traditional ASIC. This includes, planning, insertion, routing, timing verification, and DRC/LVS checking, of clock trees. Prior experience with both Cadence Innovus Design suite, as well as GlobalFoundries / Avera Semi FX14 ASICs Dflow is required. The selected candidate will be required to work both independently and collaboratively in conjunction with other teams across IBM. As such, the ability to be a hand-on person is critical, capable of running tools, while working effectively with others, while having the willingness and ability to learn new tool. Similarly, a strong understanding of the under-laying concepts is required to allow for early modeling techniques in the absence of fully developed designs or fully defined parameters. The ability to do analytical placement beyond what the tools can achieve is a requirement, for those critical elements of the clock tree. In doing so, intimate knowledge/use of scripting languages such as TCL and/or Python to facilitate such tasks is required.

• Assisting in the design, development, and physical design integration of an ASIC and its associated components from a clock distribution standpoint.
• A working knowledge of analyst tools to include: Innovus Place, Innovus CCopt, Innuvus Nanoroute.
• Experience working on hierarchical designs both at the top-level, as well as macro (i.e. block) level.
• Ability to optimize the design solution based on area, power, or timing, including timing closure, when needed, in order to meet required performance targets.
• Interact with customers (when needed) through technical exchange meetings (TEMs), formal reviews at key program milestones, system demonstrations and briefings, while providing written documentation for the work performed.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills required.
• 5 years extensive experience as an Electrical / Computer Engineering

   Dogwood has been consulting on Cyber Security and related IT services for commercial clients and federal agencies since 2001. We owe our success to the professionals we have been fortunate enough to hire and retain to perform to the standards set forth by leadership within our commercial clients and the federal government. For this reason, we seek only those candidates with the highest ethical standards who meet the experience requirements for the obligations we have been entrusted with. We are offering a very competitive salary plus benefits that include healthcare, PTO, and company sponsored 401k with a company match. Or, we can also set this position up on a corp to corp hourly basis as well.

   Within your email response or in a separate attachment, please provide a few bullet points that briefly state your applicable experience from the job description above as well as any other information that you feel may be pertinent to the responsibilities of this key role. Candidates who meet this request will receive full consideration. All responses will be held in confidence.

   Dogwood Management Partners is an equal opportunity employer. Minorities, Veterans, Service Disabled Veterans, and those with disabilities are encouraged to apply. With “#1634, ASIC Designer” in the subject line, please apply to

All resumes we receive, will be held in the strictest confidence.  We never share your resume with anyone without discussing it with you first.  Our ethics statement.

Dogwood Partners, Dogwood Services & Dogwood Technologies are equal opportunity employers. Minorities, disabled persons, veterans and disabled veterans are especially encouraged to apply.